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Newborn & Baby Portraits

I never quite understood when mothers told me 'they grow really fast' until I had two little ones of my own. I am so grateful to have taken (and continue to take) portraits of my own children to look back on and remember how little they really were. The first few weeks and months are a complete whirlwind and for some, quite stressful which is why our session is designed to feel like a break from the stress, a relaxed, lighthearted time to celebrate your new arrival. To say I LOVE newborn sessions is an understatement so you won't catch me watching the clock. Want to change your outfit for the 5th time? Baby needs a feed every 10 minutes? Baby pooped for the 3rd time? It's no stress - I'll be the googly eyed one lucky enough to take in all the newborn loveliness again as it goes by so fast.  I look forward to capturing your babies early years for you to cherish in the future.

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