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Capturing joy in the simplest of moments...

Finding joy in the journey...

Hello, I'm Tamryn Baxter-Bruce - a mouthful I know - but you can call me Tam. I'm a Family Portrait Photographer based in Burlington, Ontario.

Joy is not always found in the big grand moments but rather in the everyday, small, simple moments of life and I literally love nothing more than finding and capturing my clients small yet precious moments of joy on our photoshoots. I have a knack for putting people at ease, allowing you to be your authentic self and for finding special moments when you least expect it. 

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My photography style...

My photography style is down to earth and fun. I have a genuine passion for capturing peoples lives so you won't catch me watching the clock while we are together.  I have energy...I'll say it louder for the people in the back... I...HAVE...ENERGY ha and I bring my full self to every photoshoot. I couldn't be less pretentious if I tried...the opposite of the 'stiff and overly styled' photoshoots is what you'll get with me. I’m a pro at making even the shyest or the 'I've missed my afternoon nap hangry' little ones giggle - I'll be the one rolling on the floor and hopping like a frog. I just want you and your family to be yourselves - tantrums and all - and most importantly to enjoy the experience and have fun while doing it.

"Tamryn is so so lovely and accommodating! She totally listens to what you want to get from the shoot and takes the most amazing photos. Enjoyed our shoot and it felt so natural. Honestly would not hesitate to recommend!"

- Noami & Family

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